What is a Sniff Map?
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Sniff Map

A Sniff Map is a visual representation of the smells of a location. The concept behind it dates back to the 17th century, when Jean-Noel Halle made a map of the streets of Paris. Nowadays, journalists and bloggers document the smells of New York City. The scents on a map may be temporary and weather-dependent. The person making the map is also responsible for the analogies.

The earliest attempt to create an urban smell map can be traced to the 1790s when Paris physician Jean-Noel Halle embarked on a six-mile odor-recording expedition along the banks of the Seine. Halle’s technology for creating the map consisted of a notebook, a pencil, and his nose. The map is a wonderful representation of how smells can affect people and their environments.

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In human beings, the sensory systems process the barrage of information that arrives at them. They organize sensory neurons on maps according to their functions. But until now, no one has attempted to map the sensory neurons that control the smell. A study by researchers at the University of California San Diego described a Sniff Map of fruit flies. Fly antennae are the primary site for odorous chemicals. The Sniff Map provides a detailed view of the olfactory system.

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