The Sniff Map and Scratch ‘N Sniff App
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If you’re a scent enthusiast, you’re sure to love the Sniff Map, a site that lets you explore and enjoy the smells of your favorite places. Whether you’re in NYC, Paris, Edinburgh, or London, the Scratch ‘n Sniff app gives you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite aromas in an interactive way.

Scratch ‘N Sniff NYC

Scratch ‘N Sniff NYC is a funky new kids’ book that’s not your average guide to New York. Instead of maps, it’s thousands of scratch ‘n sniff stickers. Each sticker is scented with a different odor.

The snort-worthy part of this is that it’s a lot of fun. Amber C. Jones, who works as a Manhattan hotel concierge, and Jennifer Lamirata, who works as a graphic designer, spent a year developing the book.

It’s not just the smells, though. The book features a SMEL-A, a red apple, hot dogs, pizza, garbage, and sewer steam, among other things. And while some of these smells are a bit more common than others, like the garbage, they’re all pretty fun.

What’s more, the book is only available in New York, where it was funded through a Kickstarter campaign. So if you’re in the city, or planning a visit, you’re in luck.

Edinburgh’s smell map

Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital, is an attractive city. Its historic castle, smoky gothic buildings, and seven hills are among its many attractions. But despite its charms, it’s known for its distinctive smell.

The city’s odor is thought to have a history dating back to the Middle Ages. It is said to be the “sewer smell” of the time. However, it is also described as dog food.

Researchers at the University of Kent are studying smells to map olfactory landscapes. For this project, Kate McLean, a graphic designer, has distilled the city’s odours into maps. This work has already been done on cities such as Paris, New York, and Newport, Rhode Island.

Smell maps can chart the dynamism and tempo of a smellscape. They can indicate where a smell is found and where it is not. They can also show how it changes over time.

Newport’s smell map

Kate McLean, a graphic designer, smell map maker and designer in residence at Edinburgh College of Art, has been taking an interest in the olfactory landscape of Newport, Rhode Island. She has studied the scents of different neighborhoods and cities around the world.

A smell map is a gimmick that combines geography, biology and sociology into a visual representation of the olfactory landscape of a city. It can be a complex task, but the effort translates into an engaging experience.

One of the most intriguing aspects of a smell map is the way the map creator walked the neighborhood to capture all the aromas that make a city tick. They used a fragrance company to train their noses to detect a number of scents, and they gathered data from residents.

London’s smell map

Scientists have recently released a map showing the smelliest areas in London. They hope it will help residents and city planners.

The project was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and is led by WaterAid, the John Snow Society, and the London City Mission. Researchers tracked smells using 17 million Flickr photos. Those photographs were calibrated with a “smell taxonomy” to determine the most important odors for each location.

For example, the highest pollution smells are in Knightsbridge. Meanwhile, the most nature-related smells are near the Thames and in St James Park.

SmellyMaps is a new way to capture urban smells. It combines handwritten notes from locals with geotagged pictures from Flickr to create a detailed map of London’s olfactory ecosystem.

Researchers have also created a colour-coded map of London’s most important smells. These maps show how nature and traffic pollution affect the city’s air quality.

The digital life of urban smellscapes

The digital life of urban smellscapes is an area of research that is vital to urban space design. It provides tools for designers and city managers to create unique smell environments and to strengthen the regional quality of cities.

Smell has an important role in urban planning and in cultural tourism. It affects people’s mood and behavior, and helps to build an environmental cognitive map in a specific environment. This paper investigates the relationship between olfactory perception and the spatial memory of a particular urban environment.

In addition, it also has an important influence on the development of landscape design. To better understand how people perceive the smellscape of an urban area, the paper conducted field research, combining the results with internet social media data analysis.