Sniffies Review
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sniffies review

Sniffies is a map-based hookup site for gay, bisexual, and curious guys. It is available as a browser app and can be used anywhere, including public restrooms and wooded enclaves.

Users can meet people at cruising spots or join groups for orgies. The site also has chat and LivePlay features.


Sniffies is an explicitly gay cruising app that works in 45 countries. It is similar to X-Rated Tinder and Grindr, but for queer cis and trans men. It is easy to log in anonymously or with a saved profile. It also offers a wide range of privacy settings. The site is based around explicit photos and sexy chat messages. It encourages users to get out and explore a variety of cruising spots, from public restrooms and wooded enclaves to porn theaters and glory holes.

The website is well-designed and features a help section with answers to common questions. Its interface is intuitive, with tutorial windows that explain each feature in detail. It’s easy to vet people and cut off connections if they don’t interest you. In addition, it offers a free trial week and subscription options. It also allows you to use the service from any computer using its mobile browser. Sniffies also offers a LivePlay feature that lets you video chat with other members to take your play to the next level.


Sniffies is a map-based hookup app for gay, bi, and queer men. It is a free service that offers a variety of features, including search, chat, and cruising. The site also provides tools to help you stay safe and anonymous while using it. It is especially useful for introverts, as it only allows you to meet like-minded men.

This NSFW hookup website has an impressively raunchy user interface that calls to mind Pokemon Go, with guys’ asses and dicks displayed on a live-updated map. This approach cuts out the etiquette and texting of other gay hookup apps, making it easier to find a sexy date.

The website is completely free to use, and it offers a variety of privacy settings. It uses modern technological encryptions to keep your data secure. In addition, it offers the option to use it anonymously or with a saved profile. You can also check in at public places and cruising spots to meet other men in your area.


Sniffies is a map-based cruising app for gay, bi, and curious men who want to have hot, casual, public fun. It allows users to stay anonymous and to live stream themselves before meeting a potential date. It is also an ideal site for introverts who want to be selective and meet like-minded guys.

The site has a huge membership base, and members can easily connect with each other for hookups. It is available for all genders and ages, and it allows members to chat anonymously or with their profile photos. Members can check in to local public places and cruising spots, and they can also message other members.

Sniffies is safe and secure, and it uses McAfee security to protect its users’ data. It also has a free trial week and does not require any personal information to join. However, if you decide to subscribe to the service, make sure to read the terms of use carefully.


Sniffies offers users a safe and discreet platform to explore their sexual desires. The site focuses on privacy and security, with features like anonymity, location-based search, and real-time chat. It also warns against “typosquatting,” a practice where scammers create domain names that closely match popular sites and then profit from typos made by unsuspecting victims.

The app’s advanced search engine allows users to find members in their area based on age, interests, and more. In addition to this, the app also provides a live chat feature, making it easy for users to communicate with potential dates. However, the chat history disappears after two months.

In addition to this, sniffies has safety measures in place, including a report-in system. This way, users can report inappropriate behavior and make sure the community remains safe and comfortable for everyone. Moreover, Sniffies uses modern technological encryptions to ensure that no one can access your personal information. This makes it one of the safest gay cruising sites and gay dating apps.