Sniff Map – Can You Recognize Different Types of Odors by Their Location on the Sniff Map?
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Sniff Map

The Sniff Map is a multidimensional representation of the different types of odors that our brains respond to. It’s similar to a musical scale, in that the closer two odor molecules are on a map, the more similar their neural patterns are. A new study suggests that we may be able to recognize different types of odors by their location on the Sniff Map. Researchers have outlined a few characteristics that are critical for determining a specific odor’s location on the map.

The first attempt to create an urban smell map dates back to the 1790s when physician Jean-Noel Halle made a six-mile odor recording expedition along the banks of the Seine. Halle’s technology consisted of a notebook, a pencil, and his nose. He hoped to use the Sniff Map to help scientists understand how different scents affect our sense of smell. Using this method could allow scientists to better predict animal behaviour.

The Sniff Map is a wonderful way to document and explore the history of scent. The creators interviewed individuals living in various cities to gather information about their favorite smells. They then walked around with specially-trained noses provided by a fragrance company. As the researchers tracked down the origin of the smell, they created the map. The smell maps are now displayed in the “You Are Here” exhibition at the Pratt Manhattan Gallery.

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